Activity #1 – Hebrew Mashup

Activity #1 – Hebrew Mashup

Game: Hebrew Mashup
Type of Game: Similar to Balderdash
Group Size: 10-50
Teams: Up to 5, 10 per team
Time Estimate: 45 minutes
Scoring: 1,2,3’s – some pieces are worth double and some are worth triple points.

Materials: 18 note cards with one name on each. No pictures should be on the back of the cards. The Hebrew Mashup Words on printable cards are found in the Game Appendix. You will also need a Scoreboard with a marker.

Setup: Get teams organized with team names; have them each sit in their team, Pick at random one or two scorekeepers who are not players. Pick one team from random to approach and take a card. One player (the bluffer) from that team may approach and draw a card.

Introduction: (Read aloud) “Have you ever heard the phrase: ‘In the beginning?’ It’s pretty a common one. It refers back to a time in our earth’s history when things were just getting started. But with all the theories out there, how are we to know what’s true? And sometimes, because of language, we get pretty confused when we read the account of the world and all that’s in it. It’s easy when we get right back to the Bible and find what was actually created.”

Goal: DO NOT READ ALOUD. The goal is to have the teams become familiar with the Hebrew words in the first part of the Genesis creation account. Obviously the teams will not recognize the words but they will see that that these are all created items from Genesis Days 1-4... As the game goes on, some of the players may adjust their answers accordingly to suit the creation story.

Instructions: Each player from the bluffing team may not answer. The bluffer gives the word and asks the other teams to write down a fake definition that may seem correct.

The cards from each team are collected and brought up front.

The bluffer reads each answer along with the correct answer. Each team must write down the definition they think is correct. Once they've done this, the bluffer has them read out their answers.

Score 1 to a team for every vote their answer receives.
Score 1 to a team for guessing the correct answer.
Score 2 points if a team's bluff closely resembles the correct answer.
Score 3 to the bluffer if none of the players choose the correct answer.

Turn proceeds to the team on the right.

Debrief: After the game has ended (when all 18 words are used) please read "Creation Days 1-4." They will understand and have a basic limited understanding of the events in this part of Genesis. Don't answer questions at this time, move straight into the next game

Reading: “Creation Days 1-4” Genesis 1: 1-19 (PHP)

“Genesis1:1 At the start, Elohim created Shamayim and Erets. 2 And Erets was messy and empty and it was dark on the surface of Mayim. But The Holy Spirit danced on the surface of all the water. 3 And Elohim said: “Let there be Owr!” and there was Owr. 4 And Elohim saw Owr. It was good. Then Elohim slid a space between Owr and Choshek, 5 and Elohim called Owr: “Yom” and Choshek he called “Lel,” and that was the day’s first morning.

6 And Elohim said: "Let there be the Raqia in the middle of Mayim. Let it divide a space between Mayim from the other Mayim. 7 So Elohim made the Raqia and divided a space between Tachath Mayim under the Raqia and the Meal Mayim which were above the Raqia. And so it was. 8 So then Elohim called the Raqia: Shamayim and that was evening and morning on the second day.

9 And Elohim said: “Be gathered Mayim under Shamayim at one place and let there appear Yabbashah!” 10 And Elohim called Erets: ‘Yabbashah’ and where the Shamayim gathered He called: ‘The Shamayim’ and Elohim saw that it was good.

11 And Elohim said: “Let Erets bring forth grass, herbs that yield seeds and trees that yield fruit according to their kind, whose seeds are in it all over Erets.” And so it was. 12 And Erets brought forth grass plants that yield seed according to their kind, yielding fruit whose seed is in them according to their kind and Elohim say that it was good. 13 And were evening and morning: the third day.

14 And Elohim said: “Let there be Meors in the Birqia of the Shamayim to separate a space between Yom and Lel and let them be for signs and seasons and days and years. 15 And let them be for Meors in the Birqia of the Shamayim to give light on Erets. And so it was.

16 Then Elohim made two great Meors. The great Meor to govern the Yom and the lesser Meor to govern the Lel. Then He made Kokabs too. 17 And Elohim set them all in the Birqia of the Shamayim to give light to Erets 18 And to rule over Yom and over Lel and to divide a space between Owr from Choshek. And Elohim saw that it was good. 19 And that was the evening and the morning, day four.”

Reflection: Have each group write out as many words as they can remember on a sheet of paper and their definition. Combine these words together on the scoreboard (on a separate sheet) and see if they can get them all in order on which day.

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