Team Break

Team Break

Team Break: These breaks are taken as a team. Snacks or meals are to be taken back to their own team area, where they can begin to work on their team name, their team mascot, team colors, team cheer, team song, rap, chant, Etc… This is also a great time for a restroom visit. There is no “grade” or expectation for the team names or cheer, but find a group that’s really into it and praise them loudly. They are doing this for points as part of their “Team Spirit.”

Time Estimate: 30 Minutes

Suggested Materials: Pizza, Bottled Drinks (with screw on caps) Markers, Posterboard, Lots of napkins, Empty Trashcans, Two or more people on cleanup duty.

Note: They will be presenting their team cheer or song at the very end of the night and it counts towards their total points. Also, give them a ten minute warning and a five minute warning towards the end of their time.

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