Objective: To solidify and talk about the night

Materials: Scoreboard, Prizes for winning team

Time Estimate: 30 minutes until whenever

Team Spirit: You need your scoreboard for this one. Have each group come up and perform their cheer or song or rap or chant or skit or whatever. Each group is rated by applause. You may applause at your own cheer.

Scoring: Each team should get a great score. Be honest because some people really like to see that things are fair in competition. This is all for fun but there should be a winner if someone has worked hard enough to attain it. Remind them that the goal was to work together as a team so there is one final score.

Final score by leaders: You should have the total tally points on the scoreboard in front of the room. The leaders are allowed to and should score for total team participation, niceness, problem solving and Christ-like attitude. This could mean that a really mean team who is in first place takes second. Try not to upset the overall score balance too much but also try to affirm great attitudes. Remember, as the leader, you make the ultimate decision.

Presentation of award: Give the awards to the team members. Let them celebrate, give a big cheer for the winner but start the discussion immediately.

Discussion: Ask some of these questions, have an open discussion. There are no right or wrong answers.

Team Building:

What was the purpose of tonight?
What was the purpose of scoring?
Who worked the best as a team (you can’t say your own team)
Who was a good leader?
What is a leader?
What is a follower?
Why are teams important?
Why are individuals important?
Which one is more important?


What are the first four days of Genesis?
What is different about this teaching than what you already thought?
Is the order of the first four days of creation important?
What are planets... Where are planets?
Is the order of Creation taught in schools?
Is it taught in Church?
Where are the sun and moon located?
Are they under the vault (the firmament)?


What are some thought provoking questions in the journal to you?
What didn’t make sense in the journal to you?

Look at the back page of the journal. Let’s list the areas of creation that Genesis 1. Get out your pens and let’s put it all in order.

(List all that you can. Let the participants list them all. Look back at Genesis 1 to see if this is the correct order.)

A Gentle Goodbye:

Like it or not, all good things must come to an end. Encourage them to keep their journals with them and look at them next week again to see if anything has changed in the way they view the Genesis account.

Thank them for coming. Remind them that teamwork is a rare thing. Encourage them to sign up again at the registration table with their email address and social media information. If you have a social media page (e.g. facebook) then remind them what it is again.

Ask for volunteers to help clean up!

One Week recap:

This is the perfect time to send out your first email or social media blast. Remember your “Mourning Phase” might be going into effect. If enough people are interested, you should get a Bible study planned for next week (two weeks after the event.) You never know, you could have just birthed a home church!

Thank you for your participation! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions or damnations, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Pauly, at EmpiresAndGenerals@Gmail.com

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