Activity #3 Earth to Ocean

Activity #3 Earth to Ocean

Game: Earth to Ocean
Type of Game: Ship to Shore
Group Size: 10-50
Teams: Up to 5, 10 per team
Time Estimate: 30 Minutes
Scoring: 10’s
Materials: None

Setup: Have everyone gather together in the middle of the room facing you on stage or at the front.

Introduction: (Read Aloud) “Your job is to do exactly as the Caller says. Each command is very specific. You should try to work as a team. It’s ok to work with other teams, just be careful you don’t get left out! Whoever is left at the end, their team scores 10 points! Let’s practice!”

Goal: Be the last player standing.

Instructions: Caller will call out one of several things. If they don’t do what you call, they are out. You can play several times. Start with a test play. Start with Phase 1 only and add new phases. Be creative, invent your own. This game is hilarious and encourage the players who are out to help judge those who are still in.

Earth: Player must run to the right of the room.
Ocean: Player must run to the left of the room.
Sky: Player must jump in place.
Dark: Player must stand as a statue and may not move until “Light” is called.
Light: Player may move again. If they do anything else before you call “Light” then they are out.

Comet: Players must gather in groups of three, all facing one way, hands on shoulders.
Sunshine: Players must gather in groups of four back to back arms facing outward.
Eclipse: Players must gather in groups of two, making a large circle with four arms.

Daytime: Stand Straight with hands in the air
Nighttime: Lay down on your back with your legs tucked in, hold your legs.

Debrief: None, Move on to next activity.
Reading: None
Reflection: None

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