Activity #4 - Empire Attack

Activity #4 - Empire Attack

Game: Empire Attack
Type of Game: Tank (Modified)
Group Size: 10-50
Teams: Small Groups
Time Estimate: 45 minutes
Scoring: 5 points for each Creation Piece gathered.

Materials: About 1 foam dart/foam ball/pool noodle piece  for every 2 people playing. Two blindfolds per team. 1 of each 10 different E.A. Creation Pieces per group. These are located in Game Appendix.

Setup: Groups are located around a large circular area about the size of a volleyball court circled at the largest point facing each other equidistant. All the game pieces are scattered around the middle in a haphazard mess randomly. All of the E.A. Creation Pieces are facedown.

Introduction: (Read aloud) “Before you are many pieces of a puzzle floating in the void. They are pieces of creation that are very important. They must be brought back so the building can begin.. 

Goal: The first person to get all of the pieces in order wins.

Instructions: One person (the builder) will be allowed to go out into the void and bring them back home but they are blindfolded. One other person (the warrior)  may also venture out into the void to defend them and attack others who are also trying to collect and build. The facilitator will call out various items for you to collect. Only this item may be collected at this time. If you have another item in your hand and you are not back at your group then you must drop that item.

The warrior may only pick up heavenly arrows and throw them at other warriors. The rest of the team may tell the builder and the warrior what to grab and where to return to (builder) and where to throw (warrior).

If the builder or warrior are hit they must immediately drop their items and return to their group. another warrior or builder is picked and blindfolded and sent out.. The person who was the previous builder or warrior may not speak. If the team runs out of players, they are out.

Debrief: None, hand out journals
Reading: None
Reflection: (Go to Break Writing)

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